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V8 engines are popular in various types of car and trucks. It is a unique kind of engine bock design in which all of its cylinders are arranged in a V shape. The bottom of the V characterizes the important part of engine which houses the crankshaft and each side of the V signifies each side of a V8 engine. It incorporates eight cylinders. That means each cylinder houses a single engine piston and engine crankshaft controls every engine piston. Eight engine cylinders are placed in such angle so that the V shape of a V8 engine is formed.

There are 4 engine cylinders on each side of the v8 engine. In other words a set of 4 engine cylinders signifies one side of the v shape of a V8 engine. Typically, most of the v8 engines are made from solid cast iron steel. It is very durable and strong durable form of steel having highly resistant characteristics for damage or breakage. In addition, it has very tolerant properties for excessive engine operating temperatures. Structural soundness and durability make the v8 engines very popular amongst the high performance lovers.

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The unique design of V8 engine makes it different from others. Unlike latest car design engines, V8 engine is mounted into a car in sideways position so that each set of four engine cylinders runs parallel with the car fenders. Owing to the ease in assembly and engine size of v8engine, this kind of engine installation becomes needful. Usually heavy crankshaft counterweights are a great responsibility.

Two classic types of v8 engines are there wise the cross plane and flat plane. They simply differ by the crankshaft. Two-plane or cross-plane crankshaft is the configuration utilized in nearly all V8 road cars. The last and the first of the four crank pins are at an angle of 180° with regards to one other. Whereas the second and third crank pins have each pair at right angles to the other in such manner that when viewed from the end the crankshaft seems to form a cross. The cross-plane are quite capable to gain very good balance however, it needs heavy counterweights on the crankshaft. Due to this, the cross-plane V8 becomes a slow-revving engine, which is not able to slow down or speed up very rapidly in comparison with others. This is due to the larger rotating mass.

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In the single-plane or flat-plane type crankshaft has crank pins at an angle of 180°. They are improperly balanced. Therefore they give rise to vibrations unless balance shafts are utilized. As this type does not need counterweights, the crankshaft is not quite massive and inertia is less which allows quicker acceleration and higher rpm.this type of design is much popular in modern racing cars. If you are interested in knowing more about v8 engines and its applications or intend to implement it then you can go through various options available in this regard via online resources.
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